Sunday, 29 May 2011

Paltalk Anti-Ban Professional

Paltalk Anti-Ban Professional Free to remove most of the Paltalk Bans. :)

Paltalk Admin Bot 10

Paltalk Admin Bot 10 is a must have for all paltalk rooms admins. You can basically control your room without even being their. It has alot of cools stuff, as autobounce, and auto redot and much more. It has a room stat, seen feature which tells you when was the last time a person went into your paltalk room. Check it for version Paltalk 10 and up

Paltalk Music Bot 10

Paltalk Music Bot 10 is a program to play music in Paltalk rooms. With it you can send the name of the songs to the room. There a lot of cool features included in it, greeter, anouncer, bounce and dot commands and much more. This one is only for paltalk 10

Paltalk AutoGreeter 10

Paltalk AutoGreeter 10 is program the people can use to auto greet people as they come to the paltalk room you in. You cans ave all the greets and designs. Also comes with a feature to welcome back people the left the room and came back. This version only works in paltalk 10

Click here to download Paltalk Auto Greeter 10 Free

Paltalk Funtext 10

Paltalk Funtext 10 is a program to send cool text messages to paltalk room. You can design them in many ways. It also has a scroller and other stuff for you guys to use in a paltalk room. This version only works for paltalk 10 and up

Paltalk Multi Paster 10

Paltalk Multi Paster 10 is a program you can use in paltalk rooms to send multiple messages at the same time. You can use it for rules sending, or just basic messages. Some use it even as a Paltalk Flooder :) lol. This version works with paltalk 10 and up

Paltalk Sastisfaction Scroller 10

Paltalk Sastisfaction Scroller 10 is a program you can use in your room for many things. You can use it as a rule paster or just a messenger scroller. It can also be use as Paltalk Flooder and much more. This version is only for Paltalk 10 and Up.
Click here to download Sastifaction Scroller 10 Free